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The best motorhomes under £150,000

Those whose budget stretches above £100,000 to spend on a motorhome are not shortchanged in any sense of the word. However, this can even be seen as a conservative budget especially if you include any improvements and additions, which are likely to bring the price up to £100,000 or more. We are here to help you make the decision from the best selection possible. Our expert team has chosen the finest motorhomes for over £80,000 on the market, as well as other notable contenders from some of the most well-known companies, such as Frankia, Auto-Trail, Carthago, and others.

As we have already said, with a budget this size, you’re in for a treat because this is the absolute top of the market. You’ll be rewarded with vast living rooms, cutting-edge furnishings and equipment, as well as exceptional style and construction quality.

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Rapido M96 2020

Rapido M96 2020

In the Motorhome of the Year Awards 2020, hosted by Practical Motorhome, the M96 won Best Innovation, with the judges praising it for being “filled with smart features that make it a highly deserved winner.”

It’s obviously built well, with GRP bodywork, Styrofoam insulation, and a double floor. It’s entirely on an Al-Ko chassis extension, too, save from the Mercedes cowl. Prices start at £87,800 on the road, but I’m guessing you’re looking at those enticing upgrades and will spend more than £100,000.

The kitchen saves space because to its L-shape and other design elements, while the bedroom has a wider-than-average double bed thanks to a cutaway angle between the closets on each side. If you want to maximise storage in the garage below, you may modify the height of the bed by 30cm. The washroom has a shower cubicle on one side and a toilet room on the other, with the latter’s door incorporating sliding panels for privacy.

  • Price: £87,800
  • Layout: Rear island bed
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Travel seats: 4
  • MTLPM: 3500kg
  • Length: 7.54m

Frankia M-Line T7400 QD 2019

This award-winning German coach, constructed on a Mercedes chassis, offers a wide, comfy island bed and is stylish both inside and out. This time, Frankia’s M-Line T7400 GD won the Luxury Motorhome above 3500kg prize from practicalmotorhome, but I think I’ve found something even better — sister model the QD. The QD offers a beautiful island double bed instead of two single beds in the back. Both models are two-berths with belted seating for up to four people; otherwise, there are no variations in the floorplans.

Quality is emphasised throughout the inside. Despite the increased brightness provided by the fixed overcab sunroof and wind-up rooflight, the lounge is a little cramped. In the kitchen, meticulous attention to detail is the norm. The Dometic stovetop has three burners, and the sink is built into the countertop with covers that match the worktop and splash panel. Those coverings act as supplementary work surfaces.

The bed is tall, with stairs on both sides for better access. Reading lights on stalks with USB plugs are a terrific idea, as are cubbyholes on either side of the bed. Nearby, a shower cubicle in all-plastic with a beautifully integrated pull-down drying rack, as well as a riser bar and two plugholes in the smooth floor, is located aft of the kitchen.

  • Price: £105,280
  • Layout: Rear island bed
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Travel seats: 4
  • MTLPM: 5000kg
  • Length: 7.67m

Carthago Liner-for-two I 53 2019

Carthago Liner-for-two I 53 2019

The Liner-for-two from Carthago is one of the most luxurious two-berths currently available.

Around the fixed pedestal table in the wide back lounge, six or more people may sit comfortably. Because it continues around to accommodate the rearward-facing sofa behind the kitchen bar, this lounge is technically a C-shaped rather than a U-shaped space.

This kitchen comes with simply a three-burner gas stove and no additional electric stove. The cast-iron-effect trivets, on the other hand, fold up effortlessly for cleaning. The enormous sink’s swan-neck tap can be turned into a hose, and the sink cover is cleverly divided into two halves, one of which doubles as a chopping board and can be stashed away in a hole beneath the bar.

When you fold the seat forward, the two fixed beds that slide down over the cab are among of the most comfortable we’ve ever slept in. They can also be readily blended into a double. Carthago has even incorporated a secret dead switch that you may activate to prevent youngsters from fiddling with the device and draining the battery.

Although the light controls for the shower area on the exterior side of the rear door, the Liner-for-two may be totally partitioned off on both the front and back sides. Unlike some other A-classes, though, the amount of room you have when you do this is still vast. Even if you slide the door over to close off the nearside washroom on its own, there is plenty of room to manoeuvre about.

  • Price: £118,670
  • Layout: Rear lounge
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Travel seats: 2
  • MTLPM: 4500kg
  • Length: 7.83m

Swift Kon-tiki Dynamic 675 2019

Swift Kon-tiki Dynamic 675 2019

Swift’s newest addition to this high-end line is aimed at racing and outdoor event lovers who need to stay connected when off the grid. The Dynamic 675 is based on the Iveco Daily and has a 3.0-litre engine, rear-wheel drive, and a 205bhp, eight-speed automated transmission in our test vehicle. There’s also a 180bhp six-speed manual variant. The overall MTPLM is 7200kg, and the spacious back storage may accommodate a motorcycle.

The inside is more traditional Kon-tiki in style. The 675, though, is heavy on electrical connections, as you’d expect from a van meant for athletic events, with nine mains plugs. A four-burner dual-fuel hob stands on top of a Dometic oven with a separate grill in the kitchen. A Dometic refrigerator with both doors open and a microwave on top is located across the aisle.

The fixed mattresses in the back may be made into a double bed, and there are four spotlights and a second TV station here. Two extra USB ports and a mains outlet may be found at the extreme rear. We were amazed by the over-cab bed. You get a choice of illumination colour, two USBs, and roof light, as well as a heavy-duty zippable fabric divider that should keep the light out. Three infill cushions are required for the third double, which is formed from the dinette.

  • Price: £146,490
  • Layout: Rear single beds
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Travel seats: 6
  • MTLPM: 7200kg
  • Length: 9.04m

2022 Dethleffs Pulse i7051DBL

  • Price: £96,740
  • Layout: Island Double & A class dropdown
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Travel seats: 4
  • MTLPM: 3499kg
  • Length: 7.41m

Unbeatable price and unmistakable design from Classic German maker Dethleffs, part of the Erwin Hymer Group, has certainly struck the sweet spot with its Pulse series of motorhomes: high-spec, high-performance vehicles at a family-friendly price. With a large assortment of excellent features contained in its lightweight and elegant 7.4m-long frame, the popular I 7051 DBL exemplifies this wonderfully.

This remarkable vehicle blends perfect practicality with seamless flair, from the large internal rear garage to the panoramic windscreen. The well-designed interior is bathed in natural light, which is supplemented by a sophisticated ambient lighting system. This highlights the beautiful cabinets and furnishings and creates a vacation that is both adventurous and relaxing.

That wraps ups a handful of the top Motorhomes under £150,000. If you’re looking to finance a motorhome, be sure to give us a call today and see how we can help you. If £150,000 is a bit out of your budget, then check out our blog for the best motorhomes under £60,000 by clicking here.


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